• WATER JUNGLE is established with thoughts that Timor Leste has a huge potential on tourism, local and International. Timor Leste is a nation with rich cultural and unspoiled beaches around it, which will attract tourists around the world to come to this beautiful island.

  • WATER JUNGLE is a fresh, modern, International outdoor destination for tourists and locals to escape
    We believe that we can offer to our guests a pleasant place to escape while they are having a marvelous holiday in Timor Leste.

  • WATER JUNGLE is situated in Manleuana, which is the first contemporary urban city in Dili. Tourists just need a short drive from the main road.  In WATER JUNGLE, we provide services and facilities including wonderful outdoor water rides, fun & games and so on. In addition, we provide wide range of Food & Beverage on 1.5 hectare premises for your convenience, facilities for family and groups to have picnics inside the Water Jungle under cool shades, where you can experience the fresh mountain air.


  • Our vision is to be the leader in local entertainment business.

  • To create value local entertainment by following the high standard that recognized in public safety,
    our approach is to be trustworthy, comfortable, and enterprising.

  • Our performance measures are engaged local employees, satisfied customers, enriched communities and profitable growth.


  • To establish long term, flexible relationships with our clients and partners by continually delivering outstanding business value based on a mutual benefits.